Truth is, I think about you all the time. Feel like things pushed us to where we are not for spite or revenge, but to teach us a lesson and make us grow. Please don’t hate me, because I forgive you more each day.

Here lately I’ve just felt so wrong.

Don’t know whether I’m coming or going. Getting so high I’m scared to sleep. I miss the fuck out of her. She won’t have anything to do with me when I’m trying to pour my heart out. Just been a mess carrying around a smile that’s not hardly mine.


by Ezekiel

Was gonna check in on someone but they have disappeared.

Not beating myself up over it no more.

Don’t know whether to smile or cry.
A fool in the rain.

Yep, that’s me.

Having trouble going to sleep.

Tossing and turning and eBay. The things you do when you can’t shake that feeling. At least dad will be happy with his new tires. It’s haunting.

I wish she knew how much I really miss her.

She feels like I don’t care or love any more. Truth is that’s all just as strong today as it was two years ago. Why can’t we have trust back? This sucks. Laughing, joking, cuddling I miss it all.



Every night, I miss her.



Every night, I miss her.

I hate being a fucking dick head just to hide how I really feel.