Chad Suicide


Chad Suicide

A fucking wreck today. Can’t keep food down. Smoke, still can’t keep it down. Fml.

A week ago today I was told she wanted to work things out. Well, after trying to talk to her all weekend hasn’t shit changed. I give the fuck up.

And it’s happening again. :/

Finally going to have a job where we could see the country but she isn’t here anymore. Lord knows I miss her, pray every day she’ll come back.

Missing you a bad way tonight, I love you.

I’ve been so up and down lately. Not sure if it’s the meds slowly starting to work or what. I know why I feel like something is missing and that’s because there is. Keep trying to talk to people, joke around, work on stuff, even tried holding friendly conversations with random people to keep my mind off of it. But she always finds her way back. Right back in my thoughts. Each day it gets easier to put a fake smile on and appear here, guess it’s a sign of letting go. But what the hell do I know?

Trying to control it, but I miss the fuck out of her. But for once, it doesn’t make me cry.
Missing her something serious tonight. :|